Does ICBC have to pay me additional money if I retain a lawyer?

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Yes. If you retain a lawyer you are entitled to taxable costs and disbursements to offset a portion of your legal fees. These do not completely cover your lawyer’s costs but are designed to reimburse you for 30% to 50% of your actual legal bill. These taxable costs and disbursements are in addition to your compensation for the various heads of damage you will receive for your injuries.

Lawyers do cost money. In an ICBC personal injury claim you can pay your lawyer on an hourly rate or on a contingency fee basis. Contingency fees are percentage fees of the settlement amount. If you do not recover any damages your lawyer is free. Typically, contingency fees are 25%. The maximum a lawyer can charge for a motor vehicle accident is 33 1/3%. Taxable costs and disbursements will reimburse you for some of these costs. You should discuss legal fees with your lawyer at the outset of your claim.

If you retain us on a contingency fee basis our firm normally funds all of the expenses required to prosecute your claim. These fees include; court filing fees, costs of medical-legal reports and expert costs. These expenses or disbursements are paid back by ICBC as part of the taxable costs and disbursements and can be thousands of dollars depending on the size of your claim.

If you wish to hire us on an hourly basis we normally send interim accounts for payment as the work is completed and require a retainer to offset any disbursements as they are incurred.

The choice is always yours.

Have you been recently injured?

Bob Bush and the staff of Bush and Company have been helping people who have been injured for twenty years. If you, a friend or family member have been injured in an accident and want a legal team that will represent your interests then Bush & Company can help. We care about you and your family and ensure that you have available to you the best resources in your community to assist in your recovery.

How long will this take?

The length of time your claim will take depends primarily on your medical recovery. You should not settle before you have completely recovered and returned to you pre-accident work or your doctor has given you a definitive prognosis for the future. You are entitled to...

Will ICBC do any investigation that I am not aware of?

Yes. The ICBC adjusters have an obligation to investigate the claim and assess an opinion on both fault for the accident and the value of your claim from ICBC’s point of view. Remember, the ICBC adjuster is paid by and works for ICBC. You will need an advocate to...

Do I have to go to ICBC’s office?

No. There is nothing that requires you to attend at ICBC. We can attend to completing the various forms that are required and insure that you comply with all of the provisions of the Insurance (Motor Vehicle) Act. Bob Bush and the staff of Bush and Company have been...